Bathroom accessories that you need to complete your renovation

Are you looking to accessorize your bathroom but don’t know where to start? KOB Kitchen brings you some ideas to help you find those that will help you and will bring some style to your bathroom.

How to achieve a symmetrical kitchen

Do you like the design and balance? Are you looking to put that in practice on your kitchen renovation? KOB Kitchen gives you some tips if you want to achieve a symmetrical kitchen.

How visit our showroom can help you with your renovation?

Does look at cabinets online make you worry because of the quality? Don’t waste more time and make an appointment to come to our showroom and check everything we have to offer.

How To Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive On A Budget

A new fancy looking countertop and flooring will cost a lot, but a kitchen does not have to be very expensive in order to look expensive. We’ll show you how to achieve a high-end look for a lot less, check out this tips.

Eco Friendly Kitchen Remodels

Green kitchen design has come a long way in a short time. Energy-efficient food preparation and cleaning habits, using equipment made from sustainable materials, and dodging toxic chemicals are also important if you want to have a truly healthy kitchen. Check some...

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How to fix common mistakes on your kitchen renovation

Choosing beautiful finishes and fixtures for your new kitchen is one thing, but if you get the layout wrong, it won’t function as well as you want it to. Sometimes a simple fix makes all the difference in the world. Look around your kitchen and ask what you would...

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Natural Elements in your Kitchen

Bringing nature inside introduces an organic and calming feeling into space. These days nature is finding its way into more and more interiors, check some options that KOB Kitchen suggests on this post.  An accent stone wall can be just as gorgeous as an entire room...

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Should I get door glasses for my cabinets?

Cabinets are the first thing you see when entering a kitchen.  If you want to express your design style, consider adding glass doors to your kitchen cabinetry. KOB Kitchen brings you some information about glass doors for your cabinets.  If you have a small kitchen,...

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Trends in kitchen styles

Are you looking to change your kitchen cabinets, decorations, and more? Check some photos we found that will inspire you according to your style. Is it hard to choose between neutral colors and a colorful kitchen? Why not use both? This beautiful kitchen looks so nice...

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