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Learn about tips and trends in kitchen remodeling! Check out these KOB Kitchen blog posts to learn more information that will help your project.

The Ultimate Kitchen Layout Guide

Starting your kitchen renovation can be overwhelming. Choosing a layout is vital in designing a floor plan with dimensions that fit your square footage. Do you know the different kitchen layouts? KOB Kitchen brings you a guide of kitchen designs that can help you make a decision.

Not All White Kitchens Are the Same

White kitchens are a very popular trend. But don’t think that all white kitchens are the same. There’s quite a variety of style options with this color.

5 Steps To Have Your Kitchen Ready For Installation

Are you ready to start your kitchen renovation? These 5 steps are going to help you make sure you have all the information needed to start your kitchen installation.

Bathroom accessories that you need

 KOB Kitchen brings you some ideas to help you find those that will help you and will bring some style to your bathroom.

Natural Elements in your Kitchen

Bringing nature inside introduces an organic and calming feeling into space. These days nature is finding its way into more and more interiors, check some options that KOB Kitchen suggests on this post.  An accent stone wall can be just as gorgeous as an entire room...

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Should I get door glasses for my cabinets?

Cabinets are the first thing you see when entering a kitchen.  If you want to express your design style, consider adding glass doors to your kitchen cabinetry. KOB Kitchen brings you some information about glass doors for your cabinets.  If you have a small kitchen,...

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Trends in kitchen styles

Are you looking to change your kitchen cabinets, decorations, and more? Check some photos we found that will inspire you according to your style. Is it hard to choose between neutral colors and a colorful kitchen? Why not use both? This beautiful kitchen looks so nice...

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Outdoor Kitchens To Enjoy This Summer

Outdoor kitchens come in many styles and price ranges with focal points that range from built-in grilling spaces to wood-fired brick ovens, depending on your cooking style and desires. They're also made to stand up to the elements so there's no need to be concerned...

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