KOB Kitchen Disclaimer

Environmental Factors

Wood is an organic material, thus it is normal for it to contain and exchange some moisture. This effects all wood products even after finishing. A finish will slow the process, but it will still react to changes in humidity and temperature. Wood performs best in controlled environments. The effects of moisture can include expansion or contraction, joint separation, and bowing. Failure is most common in high moisture conditions such as waterfront properties and coastal regions.

Painted Wood Cabinets

The expansion and contraction discussed above can cause a small crack along joint lines, this is a normal effect and has been widely accepted in the cabinet industry. The finish will still protect the surface, furthermore, the structural integrity of the point will remain. This issue is special to KOB cabinets, as it effects all painted cabinets.


All paint, especially lighter tones, are affected by airborne particles such as those caused by cooking, tobacco smoke, fireplaces, and candle smoke. Although our cabinets are UV treated, prolonged exposure to light may alter the finish color.


It is incredibly important that all base cabinets are perfectly square during installation for proper drawer alignment. This should be verified prior to countertop installation.

Stained Wood Cabinets

Solid wood will expand or contract with changes in temperature and humidity. Such conditions are not indicative of faulty materials or craftsmanship. In the winter, when temperatures fall and humidity is low, contraction may cause a very narrow unfinished line to appear on stained wooden cabinets. To blend these lines into the finished wood, apply pigmented furniture polish. Touch-up kits are available for purchase from KOB Kitchen. Maintaining consistent color is a common challenge n any industry using real wood because wood is a natural product that has inherently different colors. It is important to recognize these character differences and understand that every product made from real wood will vary slightly from the cabinet to cabinet and even within a cabinet door or component.

Effect of Exposure to Light

Exposure to light will change the color of real wood in a surprisingly short time. When purchasing any wood product, it is important to know that the sample or display may be aged. Therefore, it will represent what your cabinets may look like in time, not necessarily exactly what they will look like when brand new. Conversely, a freshly produced sample will more closely match your freshly produced cabinets, but not the way they will look when aged.