Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

What is the opportunity?

As an independent representative for KOB Kitchen, you are given an opportunity to work for yourself, have free paid training in a career you would love, and have a chance to makeover 100k a year. 

What would my responsibilities be as an independent representative?


Your job would consist of two major pieces – kitchen design and sales. As a kitchen designer, you would be meeting with clients in their homes or virtually, and planning a kitchen that would function and fit their style. As a salesperson, your responsibility consists of assisting your client to find the best deal, presenting estimates, and closing sales. Your responsibility is to ensure that KOB Kitchen’s morals of protecting the client while providing high quality all wood cabinetry is fulfilled. 

Lets talk money:


Independent representative receive a base commission with the chance of an increase in commission based on monthly sales. Most KOB Kitchens average between $5,000-$10,000. With just a few sales a month, you could become more financially secure, and have the chance to grow your income streams.

How can I grow with the company?


At KOB Kitchen, we are always looking to the future. You have two opportunities to grow with the company. The first is becoming an Independent Representative Advisor. Your role would be to recruit and support other Independent Representatives. You would receive partial commission for any sales your recruits make. The second opportunity would be establishing a KOB Kitchen franchise in your area. That process will be discussed in our orientation, as well as during your time in sales. 

I love it! What is next?

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