KOB Star Kitchen Cabinets

The Best Value in Vermont and Beyond!

White Shaker

-Our most popular cabinet style

-Sleek Design

-Clean Lines

-Solid Wood Fronts and Frames

-5/8" Plywood Boxes

10x10 Kitchen: $2,874

Ebony Shaker

-Simple, Sleek Design

- Dark Wood Tones

-Minimalist Clean Feel

10x10 Kitchen: $2,787

Oxford Gray

-Painted Gray for Modern Feel 

-Raised Panel Construction Feels Familiar

-Great for Light Rooms

-High Gloss Finish

10x10 Kitchen: $3,228


-Refined Look

-Fine Attention to Detail

-Beautiful Wood Textures

-Ornate Design

10x10 Kitchen: $3,113

Vanilla Breeze

-Ivory in Color

- Tasteful Accent Lines

-Ornate Routing

-Classic Raised Panel

10x10 Kitchen: $3,319

Classic Cherry

-Beautiful Cherry Tones

-Wood Texture

-Refined Look

-Classic Raised Panel Design

10x10 Kitchen: $2,453

New Yorker - Builder Grade

-Most Economical Style

-Does Not Come Standard with Soft-Close

-Full Extension Drawers

Simple but Classic Look

10x10 Kitchen: $2,699

What is a 10 x 10 Kitchen Layout?

A 10x10 kitchen layout is a sample L-shaped basic kitchen with 10 feet in either direction. This type of layout is used across the kitchen industry to help customers compare the price of different cabinet lines.

 Our 10 x 10 Design is based on the design on the right. There are no moldings or add-ons accessories included in the price, only the necessary items. Our 10x10 layout is comprised of these 12 cabinets that make up the design.

The final cost may be higher or lower than listed below, depending on what modifications are made to the list/floor plan.

If you need help measuring your kitchen, please check out our kitchen measurement guide.

Quality Matters at Kitchens On A Budget.  

Quality Kitchen Cabinets Look and feel solid. 
you'll notice each time you open and close it.

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We are confident that our customers get the best deal and value on the market. If someone else has lower prices with similar quality, we want to know. 

Please send us a copy of your estimate and we will perform an investigation before you purchase. We are here to help and want you get the best value for the you money you going to spend.

Our investigation is based on 1) Paint& stain 2) Box construction 3) Drawer construction 4) Slides & Hinges 5) interior and exterior finishes. 6)Doors and frame. 7) shelf and corner blocks 8) Availability 9) Lead Times. and more.

 If We find out your estimate cabinet are equal or better quality

We will happily match the price plus an additional 10% discount.      

Buying a Cabinets is a big investment, thus we urge you come to the showroom and talk to one of our representatives rather than just looking at a sample door or brochure. This way you can feel and see the cabinet, and there will be no confusion at the time of installation.