Summer is almost here!! Vermont is known for having long and extreme winters and we are 100% sure that everyone is ready to go out and enjoy the sun! But it doesn’t have to feel like summer just outside your house.  What a better way to celebrate this season than to bring a little bright to your kitchen. KOB Kitchen brings you some ideas that can help you achieve this.

Add Pops Of Color Throughout The Kitchen 

Placing summery wall art around the kitchen, with brightly colored frames, is also a great way to spread summer cheer around. You can weave the colors into your tablescape, placing a light-hued or multi-colored runner on the middle, or hanging up a colorful curtain and valance pair. If you’d like to incorporate the colors a little less permanently, you can do so by purchasing colored plates, cups, dishes, bowls, and silverware – either plastic or disposable – that can be used while you enjoy a meal.

Think About Your Color Palette

Everything from the flooring and solid wood cabinetry to the appliances and kitchen hood will be impacted by this decision! Since we already know your color of choice is bright, let’s get a little more specific. You’ve likely seen kitchen trends that feature bright, bold colors. There are also plenty of beautiful, modern subdued color schemes. Which do you prefer? Build your color palette around the shade of bright colors you love the most.

Bring Nature Indoors

There’s no better way to get in the zone than by bringing nature indoors. A few easy ways to do this is by adding wooden accent pieces to your decor or bringing greenery indoors with a window box or bouquet of flowers. To really get in touch with nature, try making these items yourself. And talking about flowers…

Decorate With Seasonal Flowers

Dahlias, marigolds, pineapple lilies, and peonies are just a few of the many flowers that do extremely well in the summertime heat. Some flowers will live longer outside in the fresh soil, but most of them can thrive inside, too. Purchase different styled pots to plant your own fresh flowers in, or clip some from the ones you have outside the house to bring into the kitchen and place in a vase of water. The sweet smells and close-up view will be the perfect reminder of how much you love the summer season.