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Space-Saving Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

In interior design, small bathrooms can pose quite a challenge. However, with the right strategies and a dash of creativity, you can transform even the tiniest washrooms into functional and stylish spaces. 

The Allure of Natural Wood Finish Kitchen Cabinets

This blog post will talk about the captivating world of natural wood kitchen cabinets and explore their unique qualities, benefits, and popular design trends.

2023 Kitchen Trends: Part 2

Continuing from last month’s post, here are 5 more kitchen trends for 2023. These ideas are great for adding more custom details to your remodel project.

2023 Kitchen Trends: Part 1

Know the current kitchen trends so that you can modernize your kitchen while incorporating a personal flair. Here are 5 out of 10 popular ideas in style this year.

Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

It’s time again for the regular spring cleaning. Here are six easy steps to give your kitchen a fresh look. For the best cleaning techniques for your dishwasher and oven, please refer to their manuals. Be sure to look up the best cleaning solutions for the different...

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The Ultimate Kitchen Layout Guide

Starting your kitchen renovation can be overwhelming. Choosing a layout is vital in designing a floor plan with dimensions that fit your square footage. Do you know the different kitchen layouts? KOB Kitchen brings you a guide of kitchen designs that can help you make...

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Not All White Kitchens Are the Same

White kitchens are a very popular trend. They make the space feel larger, help brighten a room with less natural lighting, and they make spills stand out for easy cleanup. But don’t think that all white kitchens are the same. There’s quite a variety of style options...

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5 Steps to Have Your Kitchen Ready For Installation

Review the Kitchen Layout With Your Installer Since your installers will be the ones installing your cabinets, it’s critical to have them look over your layout. They will make sure that your ideas are possible and verify that everything will fit into place. You don’t...

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