Styles come and go each year. That’s why it’s helpful knowing what the current kitchen trends are so that you can modernize your kitchen while incorporating a personal flair. Here are 5 out of 10 popular ideas that are making beautiful kitchens this year.

1. Natural Tones

KOB Kitchen Spring Cleaning Vertical Surfaces

Have your kitchen feel like an extension of the outdoors to make it more inviting. Use earthy tones such as natural wood finishes and colors like off-white and olive green. If you’re looking for a warmer feel, incorporate some toned-down yellow, orange, or red.

2. Black Kitchen

KOB Kitchen Spring Cleaning Cabinets & Drawers

People don’t expect to see black cabinets in a kitchen, which is what makes them stand out. This color has a more moody feel while the matte finish gives the space a striking look. You can prevent your kitchen from looking like a cave by using pale colors in accents, countertops, and the backsplash.

3. Two Tones

KOB Kitchen Cleaning Horizontal Surfaces

The colors of a two-toned kitchen help bring balance to the space, even in an asymmetrical kitchen. Pair white cabinets with a stark or subdued color. Use natural wood as one of your colors. Have a light and dark contrast or complimentary shades. The combinations are endless.

4. Open-Concept Kitchen

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The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. Why have it closed off from the rest of the house? By removing a wall or two for an open-concept layout, the space becomes more inviting to the rest of your home. It also brings more natural lighting into the kitchen.

5. Two Islands

KOB Kitchen Cleaning Furniture

Expand the functionality of your kitchen with two islands. One can be used for food prep while the other’s a work station or dining spot. Add wheels to make one of both of them moveable. Have the islands be the same or different sizes. There are many options.

Even with these kitchen trends, there’s plenty of room for creativity in your remodel project. Stay tuned next month for 5 more ideas!