Continuing from last month’s post, here are 5 more kitchen trends for 2023. These ideas are great for adding more custom details to your remodel project.

1. Vintage Design & Details

KOB Kitchen Spring Cleaning Vertical Surfaces

Incorporating antique or rustic touches is a great call-back to older, simpler times. It also lets you reminisce about your grandma’s delicious cookies! Think about a cottage design, the lighting, special tiles for the floor and/or backsplash, cabinet styles, wallpaper, and knickknacks.

2. Metal Accents

KOB Kitchen Spring Cleaning Cabinets & Drawers

Sometimes a streamline kitchen needs a little extra personality without the bold in-your-face items. That’s why more people are using metal accents to add a contemporary feel while keeping the minimalistic vibe. These can be used for the hardware, fixtures, seating, lighting, etc.

3. Unique Backsplash

KOB Kitchen Cleaning Horizontal Surfaces

Make a statement with a bold stone or tile in the backsplash. Choose an intricate design or colors that stand out. The contrast is sure to grab everyone’s attention. This is a great way to give your kitchen character without adding clutter to your countertop and shelves.

4. Space-Saving Storage

KOB Kitchen Cleaning Appliances

Free up counter space by finding ways to store your necessities. Use pull-out spice racks, open shelves, ceiling-high cabinets, hanging hooks, etc. You can even stash small items on windowsills and flat range hoods. These tricks are especially helpful in small kitchens.

5. Unique Range Hood

KOB Kitchen Cleaning Furniture

Another way to make a statement is installing a specialty range hood. Such a large, overhead appliance will grab anyone’s attention if it has unique features. Choose copper or brass, bold stripes, a cover matching the countertops and/or backsplash, a barrel or angled shape, placing it over the island, etc.

With these popular trends in mind, you’ll be able to incorporate a personal flair in your modern 2023 kitchen. Let your creativity inspire your remodeling project!