Gray cabinets seem to be popping up everywhere. They are a great touch to any kitchen or bathroom since they highlight the colors around them. Our Oxford Gray is one of our popular styles that is getting more attention every day. KOB brings you some tips on how to style the best of your gray cabinets.

 Gray is the new neutral, and it provides a perfect backdrop for other colors or for wood, brick, or other natural materials. Designers caution against doing an all-gray kitchen, but they’re enthusiastic about gray being one element in total kitchen design, whether that kitchen is contemporary, transitional, or traditional.

The shade of gray for kitchen cabinets will depend on the size of the kitchen. If kitchen space is small and the homeowner installs dark gray kitchen cabinets then space will become smaller. That is why it’s important to choose a lighter gray with small spaces. If the homeowner is still determined to use a darker gray then, it’s important to improve the natural light for that room as well as adding additional lighting.

A kitchen needs to be warm and inviting, and although gray kitchens are in fashion, it’s important to use other warm colors such as yellow, red, or orange to accomplish that warm feeling. These types of colors can help a kitchen stand out especially when using warm colors for tables, chairs, and kitchen accessories.

 You can create a truly beautiful kitchen by mixing your gray cabinets with subway tiles. Not only can you design a unique back-splash, but you can create a space that is classic, timeless, and inviting, as well as chic and classy. Blend a subtle gray cabinet, for example, with subway tiles for added depth to your kitchen and making them a point of visual interest. Subway tiles may be the finishing touch that your kitchen needs to highlight your gorgeous gray cabinets.

 Blue can add sparkle to your gray cabinets, as well as the kitchen space itself. Blue and gray work well together and pairs naturally. As a backsplash, blue can be elegant and calming, enhancing the appeal of your cabinets. Take cool gray cabinets, for example, and pair it with a lighter shade of blue for a crisp clean look. Combining blue and gray also complements complex kitchen floor tiles whether they are light or dark in color. Mixing in some blue with your gray cabinets creates versatility and remarkable design.