Choosing beautiful finishes and fixtures for your new kitchen is one thing, but if you get the layout wrong, it won’t function as well as you want it to.

Sometimes a simple fix makes all the difference in the world. Look around your kitchen and ask what you would improve if you had the right person to make the change?

Electrical Mistakes

Running more electrical to a space that already has some electrical isn’t that hard if done by a professional. Consider going from a duplex to a 4-plex outlet. Extension cords can be a fire hazard, and there should be an outlet with a ground-fault circuit interrupter near the sink so that you are safely running your electrical near a water source.

Not Measuring Appliances

Lack of planning when it comes to appliances can lead to extra or lack of space between the cabinets and the appliances. Not measuring small appliances like microwaves, blenders and food processors can be an issue too on countertop space.

 Select appliances well in advance, checking the dimensions and the way appliances open to ensure that your kitchen layout can accommodate.

Storage Problems

Think about how much space you want for storage and consider that on your design. Pantries are a great option to store everything you need and it is a perfect way to save space. Ask your designer to add a pantry to your layout.

Lighting Placement

One common lighting mistake is prioritizing aesthetics over functionality. Pretty pendants are beautiful, but if they don’t shine enough light over your work surfaces, they will not be practical.

Installing downlights, pendant lights, and sconces on separate circuits make it easier to control your lighting levels and atmosphere. And don’t forget to choose bulbs that emit sufficient light, so you can see everything good in your kitchen.