Do you like the design and balance? Are you looking to put that in practice on your kitchen renovation? KOB Kitchen gives you some tips if you want to achieve a symmetrical kitchen.

A well-balanced room communicates a sense of relaxation and security. When you enter a space that follows the kitchen design principle of balance, the whole room will feel centered and composed throughout. To create a balanced room, start with a center point. One approach to symmetry is to choose a natural feature such as a range of window and balance around it to create a sense of rhythm.

 One way is to have the same cabinets on one side and the other of the center point. For example, two drawer fronts together making both sides of the range look identical. The finished product added another layer of interest by having horizontal drawers with the vertical pullouts.

 Use evenly place fixtures or a large central fixture, and balance lighting from windows with brightening features on the other side – for example, a mirror. Also, think about using accessories to bring the lagging side up to scratch. Artwork or hanging pots and pans are just a few options you might use to create a balanced look.

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