Are you looking to accessorize your bathroom but don’t know where to start? KOB Kitchen brings you some ideas to help you find those that will help you and will bring some style to your bathroom.

Wall Mounted Storage

Do you need more space? Fix that easier getting a nice and stylish wall mounted storage. This will help you have a space to store toilet paper, towels, soaps, and anything you want. Choose the style that goes best with your vanity and color palette. Also, make sure that it fits in a wall where it can be easily reached. 

Light Fixtures

Having enough light in your bathroom is essential so choose light fixtures that will help you achieve this. You can get creative and choose industrial type light fixtures or more elegant, all will depend on your style and design. Having the right amount of light will help you get ready in an easier way.

Towel Hanger 

Hanging your towel after use it is important since it will help your towel to dry, remove bad smells, and make it last longer. Find the one that holds your towel the best, that way you won’t find it on the floor after you hang it. Also, choose the same material and color than your toilet paper holder, that way all will look uniform and stylish.

Shower curtain 

Bored of the white shower curtain? Go to your nearest store or online and find one that brings some color to your bathroom. If your style is more minimalist, you can choose a solid color that goes with your color palette. You can also choose one with patterns like flowers, gold lines, or even nature patterns. Get creative and choose the shower curtain that goes best with your style.