1. Review the Kitchen Layout With Your Installer

Since your installers will be the ones installing your cabinets, it’s critical to have them look over your layout. They will make sure that your ideas are possible and verify that everything will fit into place. You don’t want your cabinets hanging too low or being awkward to open. This should be done after finishing the design with our in-house designer and before ordering your cabinets.

2. Choose Your Hardware

This step will help you for three reasons. One, it’ll be easier to imagine how your kitchen will look after installation. Two, it gives you time to choose pieces that go with your kitchen style and complements your house. Three (and most important), it lets your installer have all the materials on hand and ready for installation day.

3. Get Floors and Walls Ready

If you are installing new flooring, this needs to be done before the cabinet installation. After your floor is installed, ensure the space is prepped and ready for the cabinets. Use suitable materials to secure and protect your floor so that it isn’t damaged while your cabinets are installed.

4. Finalize Plumbing and Electric

Ensure that any plumbing and electric changes are done before your cabinet installation. This is crucial to make sure everything fits correctly. The last thing you want is to cut into one of your new cabinets in order to move a pipe or a wire. Or worse, order a completely different cabinet for that spot.

5. Inspect Your New Cabinets

Once you’ve placed your cabinet order and our driver arrives with your delivery, it’s essential that you inspect your cabinets upon delivery. Open each box and look for any dents, scratches, or significant damages that you can see. Also, make sure that every piece in your order has been delivered. If something needs to be fixed, you can fill out a damage claim form to start the replacement process. The damaged item can be replaced as long as it has not been installed. If you install the damaged item, KOB will not process your claim.