White kitchens are a very popular trend. They make the space feel larger, help brighten a room with less natural lighting, and they make spills stand out for easy cleanup. But don’t think that all white kitchens are the same. There’s quite a variety of style options with this color. Here are four examples:

    1. Cabinet Door Styles

    From flat to more intricate details, there are plenty of styles for your cabinet doors. There are smooth industrial styles, simple frames for a no-fuss look, and curvy frames with a classic homey vibe. Custom options also exist if you’re looking for unique shapes on the door panels, such as circles or diamonds.

    1. Varieties in White

    White may seem like a simple color, but there’s a huge range in shades. You’ll see varieties from bright to neutral, lace to dove, and everything in between. Many hues even have undertones of different colors, like blue, green, red, or creamy yellow. This subtle detail can alter the feel of your kitchen.

    1. How Much White to Use

    Then there’s the question of how much white to have in your kitchen. Should everything be pure white or just part of it? Some people like the ultra-clean feel of white floors, cabinets, and walls. Others want to keep their natural wood floors and ceilings or add a darker countertop for contrast. Luckily, white is a primary color that goes with pretty much anything, so it’ll complement the non-white portions in your kitchen.

    1. Adding Color

    Since white provides a neutral canvas, there’s an opportunity to add character to the space with a splash of color. Pair white cabinets with some green or blue ones. Add a playful backsplash. Put yellow seats around the island. Make your kitchen pop with red appliances or window frames. The possibilities are endless. Don’t feel shy about designing a kitchen that fits your personality.