If your cabinets are overflowing, you’re constantly searching for counter space, and you bump into someone every time you turn around, you probably already know it’s time for an update, but what’s the best way to make this work? KOB Kitchen brings you some tips to maximize your kitchen space.

 Be smart about storage

Consider installing a trashcan in a sliding cabinet, rather than placing a large trashcan on the kitchen floor. Installing spice racks on the inside of your cabinet doors, or adding shelving along your walls can help to find space for everything.

 Light Colors can help

Dark cabinets or dark painted walls can make it feel like the entire room is closing in on you. Like Martha Stewart said: “You can select a white for the trims and window sashes that are close in value to the gray so the colors vibrate.”

Think about your sink and faucet

An undermount sink saves countertop space and allows for a flat draining area that can be used as a second surface. Stainless steel accessories with their shiny surfaces can help to open up a cramped kitchen.

 Use doors and walls

You can use your cabinet doors to put your spices with a rack. Also, you can use hooks to store your knives, cooking and accessories, and more on the walls.

Keep it Clutter-Free

Avoid keeping many items on your counters, making it hard to have enough space to prepare and cook food. It also makes the space much smaller when the counter is full of stuff, stacks of mail, and other items that could be placed somewhere else.