A new fancy looking countertop and flooring will cost a lot, but a kitchen does not have to be very expensive in order to look expensive. We’ll show you how to achieve a high-end look for a lot less, check out these tips.

 Update your hardware

Getting new knobs and handles can make your cabinets look like new and way more stylish if you choose the right ones. Also changing your sink and faucet can help to make it look more luxurious. Choosing colors like gold and copper can make it look like a new upscale design.

 Add molding

You can add some elegance to your kitchen adding molding, especially if they have designed. The trick is not to put so many because it can look like a heavy design and won’t be beneficial for your kitchen.

 Choose larger cabinets

Small cabinets might seem like a good idea for small kitchens – but if you focus on cabinets that are too small, it might give off the impression of clutter rather than putting the focus on elegance and. Plus, a taller cabinet gives you more storage which can be a positive thing.

 Change your light fixtures

Today’s hanging light fixtures come in a vast number of shapes, sizes, and styles, making them an ideal option for adding personality to your kitchen. Consider lower hanging lights, floodlights, and sconces for particularly dark areas of your kitchen. LED lights are expensive but save the most energy and tend to last a long time.

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